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Workers’ compensation benefits are available to those employees that are injured on the job.  The specific benefits available through workers’ compensation depend on the type of injury and differ from state to state.  The Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys at at Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo, Ltd., have represented countless clients in workers’ compensation matters.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.  Because the insurance company will likely try to settle a claim quickly for a reduced amount, you may wish to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, like those at Gleason Stookal & Caputo, in order to adequately protect your rights and interests.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

If you have been injured on the job or  in a workplace accident, you likely have a number of questions, including the following:

Does workers’ compensation cover all workplace injuries?

In general, workers’ compensation benefits are available for all types of workplace injuries.  If an employee is performing his or her work duties and suffers an accidental injury at work, compensation benefits will be paid.

What is my case worth?  

The amount of benefits to which injured Illinois employees are entitled varies depending on the type and severity of the injury and/or disability.  Generally, Illinois workers’ compensation laws provide injured employees benefits for (i) 2/3 of your wages if you cannot work, (ii) medical expenses, (iii) vocational rehabilitation or job training, and, (iv) lump sum payments if you cannot return to your former job.

When must I file my claim?  

In Illinois, the statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation claim is three years from the date the injury was sustained or within two years of the date the employee last received their last workers’ compensation benefits.  The statute of limitations for repetitive trauma, such as carpal tunnel, varies.

What do I do while case is pending?

The most important thing to do while your case is pending is to follow medical advice regarding work restrictions, physical therapy appointments and medication schedules.  It is important to keep a diary of your physical complaints, doctors’ appointments and other issues regarding your physical condition.  This is necessary because if the case does go to court, it will be very helpful to have a written document to refresh your memory of your situation.

What should I do if I’m injured on the job?  

First, you should give notice to your employer of the accident and any resulting injuries, and promptly seek medical treatment.  In order for a workers’ compensation claim to be successful, the necessary medical information must be documented.  Then, you should promptly complete and file a workers’ compensation claim form.  It is your responsibility, and not the employer’s, to file the appropriate forms with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys at Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo, Ltd. can help you prepare and file the appropriate paperwork.

If you have been injured on the job or in a workplace accident, contact the Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys at Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo, Ltd. at (312) 443-1331 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled.