Workers’ Compensation, Permanent Disability, Medicare Set Aside

x-ray image of a brainI recently settled a workers’ compensation case for $857,500.00.

The case involved a 55 year old auto mechanic who injured himself at work. He was removing wires from under a dashboard when he suffered a groin and back injury.

Due to the injury he underwent surgery, but, unfortunately did not receive full relief and was not able to return to his regular duties.

His treatment continued with physical therapy, medication and medical evaluations.

During the entire period of his treatment and settlement negotiations my client was receiving his weekly workers’ compensation disability benefits. He also was getting his medical treatment paid for by the workers’ compensation carrier.

I was able to calculate his lifetime earnings loss as he was unable to return to his job at the auto shop. Calculations were also made for a Medicare Set Aside account to be funded by the workers’ compensation carrier for my clients benefit. The settlement portion of the case was $457,500.00 for the client and $400,000.00 for the Medicare Set Aside.

This significant settlement represented hard work and continuous contact with my client. We spent countless hours in phone and email contact.

Although a settlement cannot relieve medical conditions and the resulting pain, it can smooth a clients’ economic transition until work again is found.